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Vacha ghritam

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Vacha ghritam is a traditional remedy of Ayurveda applied as a nasya (nasal) medication, taking advantage of the medhya (intellect)-enhancing properties of organically-grown Vacha rhizome (Acorus calamus). This remedy is prepared in base of lacto-fermented cultured butter without water to prevent oxidation and enhance shelf-life, at a ratio of 1:4 (herb to ghee). To administer, use a cotton swab or a clean utensil to obtain about a lentil-sized volume of the preparation, and gently insert it into the upper nostril of both sides of the nose, one at a time, and inhale it into the nasopharynx. Some users may initially feel a mild burning or tingling sensation, and if any of the ghritam makes its way down the back of throat (often pulling any excess nasal mucus with it), it is then expectorated, ensuring not to swallow it.

Vacha ghritam is traditionally used to enhance and maintain cognitive function, and when administered as nasya, is thought to be absorbed across the cribriform plate and blood-brain barrier into the olfactory regions of the brain, where it exerts an antiinflammatory and trophorestorative property. Vacha ghritam can be applied as nasya once to twice daily. Following the application of nasya, it is recommended to practice six rounds of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing).

This remedy is packed a 15 mL amber jar.

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