Apart from public lectures, workshops and conferences, all educational opportunities with Todd Caldecott are available through the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine (DSBM). This school provides intermediate to advanced training in herbal medicine, Ayurveda, and clinical nutrition. All of the programs offered by the DSBM are structured around the Mentorship Program.


DSBM Mentorship Program

The DSBM (Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine) Mentorship Program is a multi-year, ongoing training program for students that wish to broaden and deepen their knowledge and skills as they develop and begin to practice. Although it is not meant to replace an academic environment per se, the DSBM Mentorship Program aims to take students with no more than high school equivalency all the way to becoming highly skilled practitioners. To achieve this goal, the DSBM Mentorship Program utilizes a self-paced, modular approach, rather than a semester-based system, including distance learning tools, webinars, personal consultation, learning adventures, and group intensives. This program attempts to model traditional approaches to learning, such as found in ancient India and Greece, while making use modern technology.

The components of the DSBM Mentorship program include:

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