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Decreasing brain size?

Here is an infographic showing how human brain size has shrunk over these last 10,000 years - exactly the period of time during which we became increasingly subsistent upon agriculture. Source: … [Read more...]

Healthy travel tips

Ok, video blog - maybe a new thing? I guess it depends on feedback! Someone asks "I'm wondering if you've ever addressed the topic of traveling and Ayurveda? An approach to take in terms of preparing for travel prior to leaving ones home country, during travel and returning home." … [Read more...]

Hubris, and the avocado pit

Hubris, and the avocado pit

I was recently informed that the most recent fad to hit the health scene is the avocado pit. Yep, it’s that hard slippery seed disgorged from the avocado that you normally compost, or turn into a science experiment for the kids. And while it’s also great to keep the guac from going brown, I have yet to see anyone actually eat the pit. But apparently this is all about to change. Avocado pit, you see, contains antioxidants. If you receive regular science updates from sites like sciencedaily, or peruse r/science over at reddit, you will have likely noticed an uptick in the amount of research being conducted into plant chemicals. The recognition that natural compounds have a lot to offer is now being recognized, the best most recent example being the Nobel Prize in Physiology awarded to Youyou Tu for her work with artemisinin (derived from medicinal herb Artemisia annua). As a herbalist, it is both of great interest and also very gratifying to see all this scientific attention … [Read more...]

Food As Medicine

The fall semester for 2015 begins in one week! Here's a little preview of the Food As Medicine program: … [Read more...]