The following is a collection of links that I have accumulated over the years that I believe to be of great value. If you would like to submit a non-commercial, high quality link that has a reliable source of free information please pass it along.

Online Herbals

Culpepper’s Herbal
Grieves “A Modern Herbal”

Western Herbal Medicine

Michael Moore/SW School of Botanical Medicine
Paul Bergner/Medical Herbalism
Henriette’s Herbal Homepage
Michael Tierra’s Planetary Herbology
Howie Brounstein’s Home Page
Jim McDonald, Herbalist
David Winston, Herbalist
Alan Tillotson, Herbalist
Purple Sage (UK)
ABC “Herb clips”

Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs)

United Plant Savers
Non Timber Forest Products


Missouri Botanical Garden’s VAST nomenclatural database
Internet Directory for Botany
Botany Online

Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry

ARS Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases
Lisa Ganora’s Phytochemistry page


Homéopathie International
Homeopathy Home


Native American Ethnobotany Database
Centre For International Ethnomedicinal Education and Research


Vaidya Madhu Bajra Bajracharya (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Classical Sanskrit Texts
Foundation for the Revitalization of Local Health Traditions
Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Chinese Medicine
Institute for Traditional (Chinese) Medicine
Qi: Journal of Eastern Health and Fitness
Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Chinese Herb Academy
Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute
American Dragon

Tibetan Medicine

Tibetan Medicine & Astrology Institute
Tibetan Medicine Education Center
Dr. Sherab Barma (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Unani and Islamic Medicine

Unani Herbal Healing
Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Beyond Vegetarianism
Eat Wild: Pasture-based Farming
Weston A. Price Foundation
Wild Fermentation (Sandor Katz)

Medical Research

PubMed Research Abstract database
Free Medical Journals
British Medical Journal
New England Journal of Medicine
Journal of the American Medical Association
Canadian Medical Association Journal
Mayo Clinic
Merck Manual
Rx List
National Cancer InstituteAmerican Family Physician
Dr. Leo Galland’s Foundation for Integrated Medicine


American Herbalists Guild
Ontario Herbalists Association
American Herbal Products Association
American Herbal Pharmacopeia
Health Action Network Society
Herb Research Foundation
National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK)
National Herbalists Association of Australia
European Herbal Practitioners Association


Natural Health Products Directorate (Canada)
National Institutes of Health (USA)
FDA, Dietary Supplements (USA)


The following links represent my personal interests and spiritual inclinations, and is by no means an exhaustive overview of the many different religious and spiritual practices found all over the world.

Buddhist Pali Canon (Buddhist Scriptures)
The Writings of Venerable Nanavira (Buddhist monk)
Dharma Haven (Tibetan Buddhism)
True Tao Home Page
LiSe’s Yi Jing page
Sufism, Sufis and Sufi Orders (Islamic mysticism)
Shiva-Shakti Mandalam (Hindu Mysticism)
Hindusim Today
Nag Hammadi Library (Christian Gnostic texts)
Sacred Text Archive (Huge repository of spiritual texts)
Western Alchemy
Laughter Yoga

Sustainable living

David Suzuki Foundation
Forest Stewardship Council
Homeschooling resources, sustainable education
Yoga In Canada

Last update: July 2019.